Altra Torin
Fastpack 35
Camelback Chute mag green

“Holistically running or hiking is neither a science nor an art. It is an attitude. It enables you to balance out all areas of your run or hike like your body, mind and soul as a whole. So that you're not only healthier and happier once you're out there. But that you enjoy it more, end up much more empowered and, of course, feel truly free..”

Outdoor Shop for all your holistically runs and hikes. Here you will find everything, either it’s for your weekly training, your small or big adventures – whether running, hiking, trekking or camping.

During my many years of travelling and being outdoors, I have been able to use and test quite a lot of equipment and clothing. Some of it still serves its purpose after years of wear and tear and even if partly or totally worn out.

Here you can find my favourite items.

Sorry nothing here anything yet.

I am working on it
so you will find all you need
for your holistic runs or hikes.