"In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks."

Heike, my girlfriend and love of my life, just finished her first trailrun (15K) in Holland and brought this trail experience up during a hike over the Neaderlandsteig Trail in Germany’s North-Rhine Westphalia, somewhere around June or July 2017. She thanked me for helping her to-go-over-that-hill in less than 8 weeks. But, she said, “I have to admit that this trail-experience went beyond than just literally going-over-that-hill. Much more profound, I felt so free again that I found back the lacking confidence and strength in me to face my struggles and going-over-my-metaphorical-hills”, she said. “Why don’t you do what you did with me, also with other people? Help them feeling free by literally crossing hills, so they find the strength within themselves to cross and going over their metaphorical hills.”


Heike and Richard mountain trek
When the going gets tough

My motivation was (and is) still very simple – I like to help people to feel free and to-cross-hills, both literal and metaphorical.

Still, it would take 3 more long years of trial and error. A lot has changed since that hike with Heike back in 2017. Hiking and running made her feel free again and gave the needed renewed energy. So much that she graduated in Switzerland as a Holistic Health Expert, started her own business, an online shop, and helps women with chronic health- and weight problems. “A true Adventure in Miracles”, as she likes to say it to people.

I, on the other hand, needed to find a way how to combine my business and transformation-coaching with hiking and running. One thing was clear, this time it had to be accessible to everyone. I had no idea, but the process was just like anyone else who’s crossing a mountain: simply just keep going, the summit will come. And it did! This was my Adventure in Miracles…

Over the years I have seen many beautiful spots with people in both Holland and Germany. Having them experience to feel free, on foot in a natural manner, proved to be life-changing. Endurance activities like hiking and running amplify emotions – the anxiety about emerging blisters on feet or to question ones own capabilities seemed insurmountable. But the feeling to feel free and raw happiness when mountains or pre-unimaginable distances are crossed is unbeatable and very, very profound.

Put simply, everyone is hooked to this most euphoric feeling, instantly! But the unleashed energies and unmeasurable powers discovered afterwards for oneself, go far beyond any possible imagination.