Creating Experiences That Make People Happy

From our small and diverse home offices in Holland and Germany, the one thing that remained the same is the mission that I originally set out in 2017: Creating opportunities that make people feel free and happy.

I do that by showing and teaching people how running (or walking) in a natural manner can make experience that tingling, exciting feeling to feel free (again). It’s really that simple. That mission goes beyond just me who take running or hiking to the trails. It means that I aim to make Go Pack And Trail an inspiring experience, an Adventure in Miracles. I am privileged to be multilingual (English, German, Spanish and Dutch). Able to offer personalized support on questions for most parts of the world. Whether you’re already storming the trails or just dreaming about this life-changing euphoric experience, you’ve had on your bucket list for years.

Sustainability Is Key

I try to create happy experiences for the visitors and customers of my website. Please remember that we are blessed with so many accessible rugged coastlines, towering mountains, sandy beaches and we want to keep it that way. As more and more people take to the great outdoors, our collective mark on the environment increases. Litter, damage to vegetation and water pollution are just some of the results. Protecting the environment is not something I just preach about, but it’s something I strongly practice too. Completely supported by my belief that we all are One Live and that to give and to receive are one in truth, giving a Leave (absolutely) No Trace, Just Footprints ethos has a tangible impact on nature conservation. In praxis, this means that I will pick up accidental wraps, plastic etc. to throw away or take it with me. This is why I encourage you, and all of my customers and visitors to be an example to others by giving a LEAVE (absolutely) NO TRACE, JUST FOOTPRINTS ethos of your visits in nature. Maybe you’ll inspire also someone to do the same and receive back the most beautiful sceneries, and love, possible.