Fastpacking Rheinsteig
Richard Dirksen

Richard Dirksen

Fastpacking The Rheinsteig Trail – Day 5

Fastpacking The Rheinsteig Trail – Day 5. Saving the best for last?

“Save the best for last”, they say. Well, I guess that depends on someone’s point of view I suppose.

Again my watch had problems ’cause it didn’t registrate the first part of it. And that was the beginning a beautiful, but very hard day! Fastpacking will bring me from Brauback to Bendorf over 39, sometimes murdering, km’s and 1,000 brutal Vertical Meters.

Embrace the Suck!

Fastpacking and saving the best for last
Fastpacking and saving the best for last

By nature, I am a positive person and have no problem pulling myself through ‘normal hard’ moments. Moments to what ultrarunners refer when they say, “embrace the suck..” And as my fallback, in case I can’t pull myself through such moments, I always can rely on Heike and to give her call 😉 However…..there are special days which go beyond that, the notorious “one of those days….”

This was one of those days…

“Those days” are the days where I am confronted with moments at my lowest of lowest points. Very, o so hard, but o so beautiful learn-moments. In moments like these, to be pulled through is where I need something more, something extra, something special. And what more special is there than A Course In Miracles? At least for me, it is.

Rheinsteig Trail impression
Rheinsteig Trail impression

Over the years A Course In Miracles has brought me so much and helped me through so many (hard) moments and countless “one of those days”, that my faith in it is blind and limitless. So on this hard, but o so beautiful day, I knew would need ‘something special’. And I needed it to be there fast and adequate. This day was simply too beautiful to let it waste, just because it was hard.

Therefore the lessons and chapters from A Course In Miracles were during this whole section very (and I mean very!) close by. And as always it didn’t let me down and pulled me nicely through. So awesome!

And the trail of this section? Just like the whole Rheinsteig Trail, beautiful!

But what makes the Rheinsteig so special? Easy. Depending on your condition, there is a wide range of possibilities to plan your hike or run on the Rheinsteig. Most of the villages and towns along the trail have their own train stations allowing you to start or end at any point and at any time you like.

Most of the villages and towns have enough options to sleep: (youth) hostels, campsites (not that much!), inexpensive guesthouses or hotels. And for aficionados for thru-hiking or Fastpacking, there are hiking-shelters. For those who prefer more minimalist multistage hikes or runs, most of the villages have restaurant and supermarkets to resupply. And the marking is so good done that going wrong is close to impossible. I did my fastpacking without any GPS device or roadmap.

What I noticed along the trail was that, although the Corona news tsunami overflowing everything, the people I met or came across, were very relaxed. No panic, friendly greeting or explaining to me how nice the area was, or which way I better should take. A very good vide everywhere. Unfortunately, I was a man on a mission, I was fastpacking and wanted to run! But I felt loved and welcome everywhere I was.

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