Fastpacking Rheinsteig
Richard Dirksen

Richard Dirksen

Fastpacking The Rheinsteig Trail – Day 4

Fastpacking The Rheinsteig Trail – Day 4

Today my fastpacking adventure will take me from Kestert to Braubach. And although this section had a respectable 36km’s and 1.300Vertical Meters, the end of this day would have a reward that I was looking very forward for from the beginning.

Fastpacking in the ‘now’

While I am running most of the day, time doesn’t seem to have any effect on me. Probably while fastpacking, just like running or hiking, happens for the majority of the time ‘in the present’. So when I start noticing how beautiful the weather is, it feels like a lifetime away from that I was close to hypothermia only 3 days ago.

And speaking of the weather, this has, of course, a massive impact on how I enjoyed this small adventure. I don’t mind the rain at all. Seriously, I don’t. Thus I also have to agree undertaking fastpacking is of course so much nicer with the sun high up in the sky.

The castles, the Rhein itself and the wildlife I saw during the days look so much nicer in the sun as they do in the rain. And this days was once again a blessing from Heaven, so beautiful so and fun to do. Finally, I came to my destination I was so longing for: sleeping and waking up in front of the famous Marksburg Castle!

Warning: reward ahead!

Just before reaching my camp spot, I came across a village called Braubach. Here I refilled my supplies, bought me something for dinner (noodles, fresh veggies and some kind of sauce) and treated myself with icecream.

Hot spot
Hot spot

I arrived a bit early on the camp spot, I think around 5 or so. 2 hikers were sitting there, sipping some water and enjoying there last moments on the Rheinsteig. They were about to go to the train station and going home. But before the went, we came to talk and they shared some hilariously funny stories which are not suitable for publication (…) Great guys and great laugh we had. And after we changed our Facebook details and said goodbye I had the whole place to myself. This was the perfect spot.

No way!

Men at work
Men at work

I took my shirt off, hanged it out to dry and zipped some water while enjoying of the sun going down. And just when I started to think about preparing camp for the night, all the sudden at least 10 people came out! From left, right and up the hill, from everywhere! What happened that this spot also is a very famous spot for photographers, and they all were there for ‘the golden hour…’ I couldn’t believe it! Me sitting there, half naked, dirty from sweating and dust, more or less wasted and ready to prepare dinner.

Luckily also these photographers saw the humour into it and we had a great time while waiting for the perfect light to hit the Castle. Most of these guys brought something to drink with them. One was so kind as to give me 2 bottles of water his water to wash with and one of the others gave me a cold beer. In the very moment, I realised: The Universe always provides. Life is good….

By the time these guys were all gone I was totally neckered. I was to tired that I threw my clothes into the hammock and hanged myself out to dry over some bush…


With my belly full, cleaned up, teeth brushed and musing over the day that has passed, I realised; what an amazingly beautiful, and very funny day this was. Tiring of course, but very, very beautiful, I am so grateful for it.

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