Hi, I am Richard

Dutchman, born in 1967. Today I live a predominantly healthy lifestyle, am a not-so-athletic, yet very passionate, (ultra) trail runner and 100% enjoy-er of a feel free life. But that was very different once.

During an alternate international business career, sustainable contributionhealth or inner happiness were words that sounded to me like a bunch of BS. There was just one priority at the time: making money. No matter what, no matter how. And I achieved that quite well actually. The thought that this attitude would come back to me like a boomerang one day never occurred to me. Well, It did (of course…), and hit me like a sledgehammer! Drastic changes had to be made back then or I would never make it to celebrate my 35th birthday.

Today, nearly 20 years, numerous studies and countless learned-the-hard-way lessons, I’ve learned that it’s way easier to embrace and celebrate life, then fighting it or bringing sacrifices. Once I realized and embodied that there is no difference between having and being. And that to give and to receive are one in truth, sheer abundance presented itself. Experiencing much more joy, meaning, fun (lots of it!), awesome health and freedom by the things I do daily. And yes, unexpectedly and very surprising, I even experienced it financially.

Together with my partner Heike, a holistic health expert and nutrition consultant, we helped many men and woman with numerous different health issues over the years, physically, mentally and emotionally. She helps people to a different way of thinking to make easy nutrition-changing steps and achieve significant health improvement (f.i her slogan is: “your health should go thru your fridge and not thru your pharmacy”) At the same time I have shown many people the connection between walking or running in a natural manner (injury-free) and their mental, emotional, and ultimately, their working/professional health. After all, we are built for endurance, so this endeavour should give us energy, not taking it…

With my site, I’d like to show people what fun and human-powered (micro) outdoor adventures, can do for one. To show that feeling free is not privilege some but for everybody. Either you are a man or female, 20 or 50 years, small or big, healthy or not-so-healthy or where ever you are from, it is for all of us. Hopefully, my site will inspire you enough to start making your own adventures. So you too can experience what is means to be what you have, and feel that tingling, exciting feeling of ‘feeling free’.

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Richard trailrunning