Richard Dirksen

Richard Dirksen

1 Sibling named: Karma and Luck

The sibling Karma and Luck accompany us throughout our lives.

Everybody can recall the moments where everything works, where you feel like you’re on the top of the world! A good job, a nice house, good health, a fulfilling love etc.. And then all the sudden the next moment it feels like as if you are being punished; sickness, resignation, divorce etc.. Beyond any doubt this is all very horrible and very painful. But have you ever wondered what label you put on things and situations that happen to you in life?

the sibling named karma and luck
the sibling named karma and luck

Good or bad

If something is “bad”, we blame Karma. Like if karma is a person who has known and observed us throughout our whole life. To then suddenly, without any warning, shows up and kicks us in the head. Just because it feels like doing so without any particular reason

But when things go well…., we like to blame Luck. Like Luck is something from outa space, an alien from somewhere, that possess magical powers, like Harry Potter. That without warning, purely by random chance, selects us from millions and millions of people, to spoil us with exactly what we want.

Cause and effect, the spirits Karma and Luck

As a coach and course leader of Louise Hay’s Heal Your Life® course, I encounter this very often. The way we experience or feel it can be different, but the essence remains the same. And if I now take the previous example, one quickly sees the irony and it becomes quickly clear that either Karma or Luck are ultimately both cases of “cause & effect”.

And although “Cause & Effect” is blessed with a touch of spirituality, it is also nothing more than Newton’s third law that says that forces always occur in pairs. In short, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

cause and effect
cause and effect

What does that mean?

If we look at this law of physics, we can say with certainty that for every effect there is a certain cause, and for every cause, there is a certain effect. And there can never be “more” on the effect side than there is on the cause side.

In concrete terms, this means that all our thoughts, behaviours and actions produce specific effects that manifest in our life as we know it. For example, someone who is unhappy, no matter how would better change the cause of their unhappiness instead of the effect. How often do we see that around us, people complaining about their employers, partners, fellow/other road users, illness etc.? But then please remember, change your actions and you will change your life!

By the way, this is also one of the reasons why we are so poorly with resolutions because we do not change our actions.

And if you’d like to take it one step further………….change your thoughts. Because then you can create a whole new perspective for yourself! Whether it is better health, the love of your life, the desire for appreciation, a better job or a nicer home, you decide what suits you best!

That sounds simple, right?

Well, it sounds simple because it is! And why shouldn’t it be? Who decides for you that you can (or must!) be on the cause side, or on the effect side? You are the only one who has that authority, only you have that right to choose what side you’d like to be on: Cause or Effect?.

This is the very first step of cause and effect. Not just in Newton’s law, a law of physics, but also in Universal law.

I wish you all the joy on thoughts of where effects have beautiful causes.


do something great
do something great

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